An exhausting Thursday with zero writing

By choice. I took the day off so I could catch up on unrelated stuff. I didn’t get it all, but the important stuff got done:

•Depositing our tax refund.

•Straightening out a problem with our HSA.

•Sending my niece a birthday card with money in it.

•Cleaning the fridge. Much overdue.

•Getting another plumbing fix done. This one wasn’t urgent, but it should prevent problems down the road.

•Reviewing proposals from other contractors.

•Measuring our bathroom windows for screens.

•Looking up herb recipes online. TYG is back in the container-gardening game (that’s how we almost adopted that kitten) so I have basil, sage, rosemary, cilantro, and fennel to make use of.

Plus I put in some extra exercise. I’d hoped to take a long bike ride, but it got hot too early this morning. Tomorrow, perhaps.

I feel quite pleased. Have a photo of Plush Dog.


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