Politics for Wednesday

A psychologist makes a great living by testifying that police have no choice but to shoot first and ask questions later.

•General Motors’ failure to fix an ignition switch problem caused 124 deaths, according to the compensation program. At the link, Consumerist wonders if it’s even higher. I wonder if we’ll see anything comparable to this discussion on the prosecution side.

•A lawsuit to prevent the FCC from enforcing net neutrality comes before a court in December.

•Echidne on examples of how the free market doesn’t produce the usual responses in health-care. For example, more diagnostic machines often means higher prices for a diagnosis. One possible explanation I’ve read is that if the treatment is readily available, more primary-care doctors will sign you up (“Hmm, probably nothing, but we’ll check it just to be sure.”) so there’s more demand.

•The International Trade Commission has weighed in on a patent dispute. Consumerist says that because the issue involves data (digital information for designing braces) sent across borders rather than physical objects, it’s potentially a big deal by redefining what constitutes “trade.”

•Echidne looks at the demands we place on motherhood in the US and how little support there is (in terms of flextime, day care, etc.) compared to other countries. I think part of this (though not all of it) is that a lot of “pro family” groups are (sometimes openly) supportive only of the two-parent, one-at-home-and-it-should-be-mom families. Programs or policies which work to make it easier for single parents are Undermining the Family and therefore bad.

•A porn company objects to being identified in a lawsuit as a porn company.

•An appeals court keeps a price-fixing lawsuit over ATMs alive.

•In another lawsuit, a watch maker argues that “we don’t sell that one by this is just as good” search results on Amazon amount to a trademark infringement.

•The Founding Fathers express some doubts about religion.

•People are understandably unhappy that it’s possible to hack a jeep.

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