A satisfactory week that I thought was going to crash and burn (#SFWApro)

I think I just ran out of steam today. Somewhere around late morning, I totally lost the ability to focus, Maybe it was hitting 40 hours for the week, maybe just the sheer amount of time-travel TV that I soaked into my brain (most shows it’s episode by episode so I won’t be reviewing for a while yet). And Plushie having a mild freak out over the lawn guy running his giant mower outside (he hates lawn mower vibrations) so I had to spend a while comforting him, too.

But I didn’t wimp out. I did some research for the time-travel book, watched and extra movie and (as it didn’t demand much attention) got almost the entire cast-and-credits listing in my book polished up.

Otherwise this week, I got my Demand Media quota done, finished redrafting Impossible Takes a Little Longer and got a couple of queries almost ready to go (one may not be as workable an idea as I thought. I’ll check again next week). And I submitted a story for the first time since February.

And I’m still enjoying having the pups boarded one day a week.They seem to like it too (it’s a really nice place) though Trixie was positively whining for Plushie to join her (they’re in separate sections) when they brought her out. It’s so cute that they’ve come to bond so well.

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