“It’s done” is a magical phrase (#SFWApro)

So one of my goals for this month was to decide on the final changes for The Impossible Takes a Little Longer (as I’ve mentioned previously) and put them into action. I’ve dithered and dallied not only on what to change but whether to take the time for that or focus on Southern Discomfort. That’s been distracting and frustrating (whatever I’m not working on, I kick myself for), so I wanted it done.

And it is. Okay, it’ll need another final review next month, but otherwise, finito. Several of the changes I thought would be essential turned out to be unnecessary. And I’ve decided to keep the abuse backstory, which reduces the other changes needed. I’m not sure that’s the right decision, even if I’ve handled it as well as I hope—it is an awful cliche—but there it is.  Though it’ll be easier to change than I thought if anyone says “This is good, but …” (KC’s grief over her mother’s death and the trainwreck of her first marriage could easily have screwed up her past by themselves). And rereading, i notice the strongest criticism of that aspect was from a beta-reader who didn’t want her to have any tragic past at all. And that doesn’t work for this story.

So the big work was rewriting the opening, and that’s done. Like I said, it will need a final check next month, but I’m satisfied for now. Now my novel-writing time can focus on Southern Discomfort. I hope it goes even half as smoothly, but I’m not betting on it.

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