Ten days that shook the world! (#SFWApro)

Vacation over as of 11:45 AM, though I’m not planning any actual work today.
This was the first time TYG has taken 10 days off since I’ve known her (it may be the first time I’ve ever taken 10 days off). We spent it in Boston, at the annual Mensa national gathering, though I didn’t want to announce that on the Internet while we were away. Given that we were posting photos to Facebook, that was a pointless security step, but by the time I realized that, we were too busy either sightseeing or hanging with our fellow Mensans for me to post anything.
high view2
(View from the top floor of our hotel) It was an absolutely fabulous trip, which I’ll be recounting in posts over the next week or so. But for this one, I just want to say what a great job Boston Mensa did picking the location.
It was a Sheraton downtown, and the overflow hotel (where we wound up) was literally right across the street. And it was a small street. Having been in hotels that are much further from the action, this was great. It helped that Boston drivers (despite everything I heard about “Massholes”) were uniformly considerate, sometimes ceding right of way even when they were entitled to go past us.
The Sheraton was attached to the local mall which made it easy to grab extra food if we needed to (there were more eateries within walking distance but I’ll get to that in another post). There was a supermarket just up the street from the mall which proved remarkably handy. TYG wanted a supply of Diet Coke on hand and there have been other gatherings where we’ve had to search high and low for a store that sells it by the case. We were also able to buy ibuprofin for our aching bodies (lots of walking) and umbrellas for the rainy days that came with Hurricane Arthur. Plus food for breakfast for the period after the gathering and its attendant free breakfast had disappeared into the past.
More to come soon. The cool building below was on the end of a neighboring street.
red bldg2


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