Like I said last week, this is an odd month (#SFWApro)

March, Week One was disordered but productive. Week Two, much less so.
The sleeplessness I mentioned previously didn’t improve any, so Wednesday and Thursday were largely nonproductive. I finished up my Demand Media stuff (as noted in the link, now on hiatus) and that was pretty much it.
But Friday I managed to rise up and despite feeling groggy,got some stuff done. Southern Discomfort is now at 35,000 words, and looking fairly good. So far I can’t think of any scene from the previous draft that’s not looking better. Of course, it’s also veering way off the outline, which may create problems down the road: the overall arc of the story is the same, but the different battles, personal stories, who learns what when may not work out as well at the finish. But I guess I’ll worry about that when I get there.
I also sent off another Boys’ Life query, and submitted Impossible Takes a Little Longer to another publisher. I looked at a fairly interesting freelance journalism position, but it turns out the company already has someone for North Carolina. And having read some of the work, it’s definitely a higher level of investigative journalism than I have experience for. So I let it pass.
And that’s pretty much it. Below average as weeks go, but I anticipate picking up steam next week. I may just skip blogging this weekend to unwind, we’ll see.

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