Late-night links

Columbia Journalism Review looks at a couple of papers receiving financial support from local government. Ethical? Or not?
•A former Countrywide bank executive was found liable for a scheme to sign up mortgage borrowers knowing they couldn’t repay the loan, then sell the loans to the government. She’s now working at JP Morgan earning a big bonus, so the government wants to fine her more money. Go, feds!
•McDonalds employees are filing class-action suits claiming they were cheated of overtime.
•The Hobby Lobby fight against providing contraceptive coverage is bringing out cries from the right wing about how getting to choose whether to have sex or not is bad for women. No surprise. Heck, the religious right even hates the Girl Scouts.
•In light of my last And column about chivalry, here’s Mike Huckabee explaining how he treats female opponents with chivalric respect. As if to confirm the point about chivalry being a reward for subordinate women, Huckabee’s a firm believer men must rule.
I will also bet money that if he ever runs for the same office as a woman, he won’t be that chivalric.
•A guest Slacktivist post from Samantha Field on how Pensacola Christian College’s handles rape cases (three guesses who’s at fault). Unsurprisingly, PCC denies everything.

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