They seek links here, they seek links there

I have research to do (one thing I will do in the evenings) so once again, a link post.
•An Arizona city has decided one of the firefighters who died in the wildfires this summer wasn’t full-time, so his family doesn’t get the full range of death benefits.
•LGM suggests some problems with the idea of a subsidy so people can move to where there are more jobs. The leaving-social-networks thing is certainly not a trivial factor (as someone who relocated in 2010, I can attest that’s a lot to adjust to).
•More than 2 million people still rely on AOL paid dial-up service.
•Time Warner and CBS are still at each other’s throats over the terms for the cable company carrying CBS. Apparently one of the issues is that Time-Warner wants the right to stream old CBS shows and wants it free, which CBS objects would cut the revenue it’s getting from streaming arrangements with Netflix and such. Here’s more on the topic.
•Satoshi Kanazawa has found a new blogging gig. He’s the guy who believes that women don’t need equal rights because they control men, so they have everything they need. At Echidne’s post and the posts she links to, I also learn he believes blacks are objectively uglier than white people (the link says he’s way off on his data interpretation) and that women are objectively more attractive than men. I’ve no idea how you could prove that objectively, let alone prove it was genetic (he’s big on Evolutionary Psychology) but it fits his assumption that biology dictates Men Do Things, Women Do Men. Oh, and successful women are destroying themselves because they’ll never find a man (not an original thought with him). Here’s one of Echidne’s past posts dissecting him. Like her, I find the statement “The history of western civilization aside, humans are naturally polygamous” kind of amusing: Is Western civilization composed of mutants who missed the polygamy gene?
•Pro-lifers fuss a lot about fetal pain. Do they care about the pain some babies are born with?
•Scott Lemieux concludes it’s unlikely the feds can nail George Zimmerman on civil-rights charges.
•The White House needs to pick a new chair for the federal reserve. One of the candidates is Larry Summers, the other is a woman, who’s probably more qualified. Basically the author points out women in similar posts have spotted financial problems more accurately than the guys. Paul Krugman says the attacks on Janet Yellen are partly sexist, partly that she doesn’t talk a lot about there must be sacrifices which is a prerequisite for being A Serious Thinker, even though it’s wrong (more here). LGM adds another vote for Yellen.
•Yet another federal eavesdropping program we’re assured is totally not prying or doing anything bad.
•Colorado state legislatures are exempt from parking tickets because their license plates aren’t in the state database.
•Can a corporation (other than say, one formed for a religious purpose) have religious beliefs? Does it matter if the owners have them? Even if they do, is requiring their insurance cover birth control an unreasonable violation (religion is not an absolute get-out-of-jail-free card)? Dahlia Lithwick analyzes.
•One right-winger comes right out and brands Obama as the Antichrist. So he’s going to inflict gay marriage and shari’a law on us. Which goes together almost as well as atheism and shari’a.
•Digby discusses the idea that $250,000 or even $500,000 is not rich. Which I’ve blogged about too.
•Edward Snowden may be in trouble for his leaks, but the contractor that employed him, Booz, has been cleared of any liability. After all, he doesn’t share their values.


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