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I mentioned yesterday the problem with politicians who swing positions based purely on events in their own lives. Slacktivist’s take is deeper and more thoughtful.
•The Atlantic looks back at how anyone questioning the Iraq War in 2003 was objectively pro-Saddam. LGM has more.
•Huffington Post reports on an Arizona death-row case that was “tainted by a detective with a history of lying under oath.” I’m not sure which blogger linked to this, but they got the problem spot on: A copy with a history of perjury shouldn’t be testifying.
•Another look at post-Chavez politics in Venezuela.
•A Kentucky Bill would allow discrimination on the basis of sincerely held religious beliefs. If a Christian is ever on the receiving end of this (assuming it passes) there will be squeals of outrage (as in a link I gave here). As witness one South Dakota city councilor who complains that government isn’t supposed to be secular.
•Just because American Airlines is in bankruptcy doesn’t mean the CEO shouldn’t get a $20 million bonus.
•Feministing on rape culture and Steubenville. More here. And here’s a more general blog post on how easily slut-shaming becomes victim-blaming (note: I’m not a fan of slut-shaming even when it doesn’t become victim blaming). My favorite quote: “It’s important to help victims, but it’s also important to prevent victims from happening.”
•What data brokers gather about you. Employers can use the same information to get data about your health-care costs.
•Verizon wants to pay less for channels that people watch less. Probably won’t help with your cable bills, though.
•Echidne looks at another article explaining feminism is dead and women all want to stay home with babies (here she is again, showing how one anti-feminist distorts a study). So therefore, discrimination in the workplace is no big deal. Buzzfeed looks at why stories about women opting out are so prevalent in the 21st century. ONce again, I think back to Susan Faludi’s The Terror Dream on that subject.
•Courts in Guatemala are delivering justice to genocidal leaders.
•Yet another cleric brushes off charges of abuse to an institution he’s tied with. Christians who play the victim card are weak and ungodly!
•Sen. Lindsay Graham distorts the history of post-Katrina violence to explain his need to have an AR-15.
•Historian David Barton lies about the court case that eliminated mandatory Bible readings in schools.
•The ACLU files a lawsuit to stop police searching smartphones without a warrant.
•A gay blogger explains how right-wingers are oblivious to why he’s angry.
•Ezra Klein says his support for the Iraq War was reasonable at the time, he just didn’t envision how Bush would mismanage it (a common defense, IIRC). Charles Pierce replies that it should have been obvious Klein’s fantasy war wouldn’t be the war we got. Katha Pollitt does the same for warhawk Michael Ignatieff. LGM looks at more hawkishness, including Ignatieff insisting that just because things could go horribly wrong in Syria too is no reason not to dive into the war.
•How conservatives at the CPAC conference see themselves.

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