Half-vacation, half-work, more terrible than either!

The tentative plan for today was that TYG would run her car in to the dealer, I’d work until she came back, then we’d go to a movie this afternoon.
Then her schedule got thrown off by a work emergency. Oh, and the car not starting (it’s at the dealer now, and fixed). And this threw me off, and since it wasn’t a real work day anyway, I could goof off a little … So not as much done as I thought. And one project is taking way longer than planned. On the plus side, I did get the rewrite of Heads Up! finished. I’ll proof it tomorrow, then resubmit.
So the web of inertia having wrapped tight around me, I’m not up to blogging much. But I did want to mention my guest post on Mechanoid Press about the story behind creating Peace With Honor in the Monster Earth anthology. It’s a continuation of this post.
And, since I’m linking, here’s Slacktivist’s round-up of Republican er, outreach. The creepiest entry is a tweet from an ex-party official speculating on how Trayvon Martin would have raised drug money as a male hooker if he’d lived (it’s obviously meant to be funny, but anyone who thinks that’s amusing …). [Update: He also tweeted that Trayvon Martin was a dangerous rabid dog who needed to be put down. So maybe the first tweet was completely serious]
•Christian blogger Dianna E. Anderson on why Christians need to define “enthusiastic consent” and teach that as a sexual standard.
•Slate looks at the lies and ignorance in Republican criticism of prospective Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel.
•A while ago I posted about conservatives holding up Downton Abbey as a win for their side. They’re still at it, claiming “the left” has been caught hating the show (here’s one of the supposedly slashing attacks—notice how the guy admits to liking the show?) and that liberals who like it do so because Conservatives Are Right. My own middling review is here.
•A researcher recommends farting on airplanes.


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