Linky boots

•A New York slumdweller takes on her landloard. It doesn’t go well.
•One of the problems with a perfectly operating free market: We don’t know everything.
•Fred Clark of Slacktivist explains the logic of Christianity. Not “why you should convert” or “Why Christianity is right” but “why Christians believe what they do” (or at least some Christians and some of what they believe)
•The fewer people get vaccines, the greater the risk of old diseases striking again.
•Ross Douthat accuses women of not having enough American babies. Which is one of the Undead Sexist Cliches.
•Drug-testing welfare recipients is still popular with some conservatives even though it apparently doesn’t do much good.
•The US government continues seizing laptops and other tech items as allegedly suspicious people (i.e., critical of the goverment) pass through customs.
•Is the traditional marriage proposal a sexist concept?
•The Wet Seal clothing has been caught stating it wants only white, blue-eyed, blond employees.
•Arguments that taxes on the rich are really not hitting the rich are dubious.
•A career-advice writer and business owner recommends career women get either a stay-at-home spouse or hiring someone to do the same work.
•Digby reminds us that the resentment we’re seeing now goes back as far as Lincoln: “Your purpose, then, plainly stated, is that you will destroy the Government, unless you be allowed to construe and enforce the Constitution as you please, on all points in dispute between you and us. You will rule or ruin in all events.” An LGM blogger argues,however, that this isn’t some issue of Southern culture but spreads around the country—the South simply has more of the issue but it’s an extreme, not an anomaly (check out James Loewen’s Sundown Towns if you want proof)
I agree with LGM’s Loomis. Ever since Albion’s Seed came out a decade or so ago, arguing that Colonial culture developed in several different strains (Puritan New England, the culture of honor in the South, etc.), I’ve seen bloggers arguing that we can trace current Southern issues back to something innate in the South from the beginning (over and above the racial issues). I’ve never found the assumption culture (or these parts of it) has been inherited unchanged for 300 or 400 years any more convincing than evolutionary psychology).
•Speaking of evo-psych, here’s some thoughts from Echidne.
•As noted before, it wouldn’t help if the civil rights marchers had had guns. It wouldn’t have prevented the Japanese internment either.
•Israeli conservatives object that women praying at the Western Wall are just making political demonstrations. This blog post argues that’s the point: When your rights are constrained, just doing things like that has to be political (only those who have the freedom to pray have the freedom to not make a statement when they do).
•Corey Robin looks at the politics of national security. LGM adds some thoughts.
•Four years ago America started a nuclear-cooperation agreement with India (which I believe actually violates our signing of the Non-Proliferation Treaty). It hasn’t gone as well as hoped but the article suggests it’s not a disaster either.
•Always an interesting topic: Conversation on conservative cruises.
•Will the war on terror ever end? Probably not.
•Yes, small women can still carry men injured in combat.
•On a lighter note, thoughts about the 48-frames-per-second element of The Hobbit, and f/x generally.
•So how evil was Loki? Or was he evil at all? The Norse Mythology blog looks at the evidence.
•In 1978, researchers met an isolated Russian family so cut off from the world they didn’t even know of World War II.

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  1. Cool! Thanks. (I’m so behind on blog posts now–keep watching movies with my sister instead of reading/writing. : P)

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