101, 1,0001

Feeling very lazy, so I’m just going to post about my 101 goals for 1,001 days tonight.

My writing goals, as you’ll notice, have some overlap—specific short stories and novels, coupled with general numerical quotas—so that if I finish one story instead of another, I’ll wind up with some leeway.
That being said, I think accomplishing them all is probably beyond me, but it can’t hurt to try.
•Finish Brain From Outer Space
•Finish a second novel
•Rewrite The More Things Change
•Sell a novel.
•See one of my novels published.
•Sell The More Things Change
•Write 20 short stories
•Sell 12 short stories
•Continue freelancing fulltime
•Finish Southern Comfort (elves in Georgia—which Tom Deitz already did, but I have something different in mind).
•Finish Last Bride (working title)
•Finish Axes of Evil (possibly the real title)
•Finish All Things And All Men
•Finish Good Morning Starshine
•Finish Bros before Ho’s
•Rewrite Kernel of Truth
•Finish the story set in 10th century Spain that I don’t have a title for yet.
•Finish Number of the Least
•Write 12 hours of fiction in every 40-hour writing week (as I mentioned, I’ve been setting fiction aside for the immediately-paying stuff. Time to stop)
•Redraft Let No Man Put Asunder (a novel I wrote, the manuscript of which vanished in the move).
•Submit another film-reference proposal to McFarland
•Sell four articles to major magazines
•Submit 50 magazine queries.
•Write four guest columns for the Destin Log
•Write 50 local newspaper stories.
•Do a story for the Independent (a specific local paper)
•Sell 65 Articles total (newspaper, small magazine, whatever)
•Write another play (I actually wrote a one-act a while back, but haven’t done anything with it).
•Have a play of mine staged.
•Take a class in writing (or workshop or … something. This is probably my fuzziest goal)
•Attend an SF convention.
•Attend Dragon Con (this would be fun, of course, but they’re also promotional opportunities, so they qualify as writing goals
•Earn $30,000 in one year (doable, though a stretch at this point).
•Make $2,500 a month for at least 15 months

And I have some goals about reading and movie-viewing too … (what, you thought it was all going to be serious stuff?)

•Read all of Jane Austen.
•Read 30 book on my To Read Someday list (currently at 320)
•Finish reading TYG’s books (the ones I’m interest in, I mean).
•Lower the To Read Someday list below 300 (as I keep adding to it, this may require more than 30 books)
•Read 12 of John LeCarre’s books
•Read the revised Keep Watching the Skies.
•Read 12 shakespeare plays (I’ve always been more about watching Shakespeare than reading it, but reading Shakespeare Wars made me think I might be wrong)
•Finish Stephen Erickson’s Malazan series—I love it, but I haven’t gotten back to it since I moved.
•Complete my collect of Patricia McKillip’s novels and the old Doc Savage pulps (reprints, not the originals). I’ve been wanting to do this for years.

•Watch 200 movies (I’ve gotten out of the habit of watching as often as I used to—work on my book aside—and I miss it).
•Watch the DVDs I own but haven’t seen yet (I hate letting them pile up—it’s wasteful to spend money and get no use out of ’em).
•Watch one of my movies with TYG each month (there’s a lot of mine I think she’d enjoy)
•See one movie at the theater each month.
•Watch the first 12 James Bond films (I’ve been wanting to rewatch the series in order for a while).
•Watch the first 12 Woody Allen films (ditto)
•Watch the first 12 Coen Brothers films (same).
•Finish transferring my taped-off-air videocassettes to DVD.

And some involving TYG (not all of them—a couple of goals fall into the TMI category)
•Marry TYG
•Hold up my share of the wedding planning.
•Have her meet my friend Dori before the wedding.
•Attend one of my reunions (missed my 30th college but 35th high school is this fall).
•Buy a house (this depends on a lot of factors besides us, but since TYG wants to, I see no reason not to list it).
•Play board games at least once a month.
•Travel to Europe together (we’ve talked about this—we’ll see what happens).
•See a night sky free of night pollution (I’ve seen it once in the past 15 years or so and it’s most awesome).
•Eat out once each month. I love to cook, but dinner dates are fun too.
•Give TYG a massage at least once a month.

I’ll let you know how I do.


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