Lo, it begins—

My first story is up at Raleigh Public Record.
And Screen Enemies arrived for proofing today. I put in probably three hours working on getting the manuscript ready for indexing (it’s possible to index in Word automatically, but not when you have first name and last name to reverse). It’s not enjoyable (I may also not be blogging any this week as I crack down on this).
But seeing my book in semi-finished form? That’s a kick!
And here’s the latest list of eHows:
•How Much Money Can I Roll Over From My 401(k) to an IRA Rollover?
•How to Purchase an Existing Business
•How to Start a Small Business in Seattle, Washington
•How to Transfer From a Beneficiary IRA to My Own IRA
•How to Start a Business in Sacramento
•How to File for a Living Trust in Connecticut
•How to Search the Title on a Foreclosed House
•How to Compare FHA Loans
•Does an IRA Need to Be in a Living Trust?
•How to Estimate Contents for Insurance
•How to Become an Independent Contractor Working at Home
•FHA Building Specs
•Are IRAs Protected From Creditors?
•IRA Conversion Income Limits
•What Happens When You Roll Over an IRA?
•Low Income Home Buying Programs
•How to Sell Your Idea to Big Companies
•Chapter 13 Tips & Traps
•How to File for a Cheap Bankruptcy in Michigan
•How to Convert to a Roth IRA After Age 59 1/2
•Can an Estate Inherited IRA Be Split?
•Tax Credits for Solar Energy
•Paralegal Duties and Job Details
•How to Obtain a Beer License in California
•Discrimination Against Young Workers in the Workplace
•Home Owners’ Rights During Foreclosure in Texas
* How to Find Out Who Holds the Mortgage on a House
•How to Study to Become a Private Investigator in California
•How to Improve Organizational Structure
•Steps for Opening a Business
•How to Organize Shelving for an Office
•How to Modify a Chapter 13 Filing
•What Are the Distinguishing Characteristics of Identity Theft?
•Filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Washington State
•Chapter 11 Bankruptcy and Employee Rights
•Chapter 13 Guidelines
•How to Make Money From Home by Baking
•Requirements to Become a Veterinarian Doctor
•What Tax Forms Do I Need If I Rollover a 401(k) to an IRA?
•What Are Bonds With Warrants?
•How to Get a Business License in Sacramento
•How to Become a Non-Profit Group & Incorporate in Massachusetts
•How to Figure Home Equity in a Divorce
•Does a Landlord Have to Provide Pest Control?
•Foreclosure & Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
•How to Lower Your Property Taxes in Los Angeles
•How to Lease Mineral Rights for Drilling
•What Can a Self-Employed Taxi Driver Deduct from His Taxes?
•U.S. Savings Bond Advantages & Disadvantages
•Tax Deductions for Insurance Agents
•How to Refinance Toxic Mortgages
•Effective Career Objectives
•How Are Personal Vehicles Handled in a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?
•Is it Worth it to Itemize Deductions?
•How to File a Quitclaim Deed After a Divorce
•Would I Lose My Income Tax When I File for Bankruptcy?

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